Sunday grace

The trees in the yard take their own sweet time bringing forth. Some already have leaves of lovely spring green. Some still wait.


It is the same each year. The autumn olives leaf out early while the oaks stand tall and naked, just recently dropping last year’s dry growth. The evergreen cedars are unchanged, their forest green looking dull against the hue of this season.


We all grow and bloom at our own pace, so why do we compare ourselves to one another? Comparison kills relationships and stagnates us as we try to be like someone else.

Your strengths balance out my weaknesses. Your gifts bring blessing to the family of God. Your uniqueness is just what the world needs.

The saplings stand near the 30 foot maple. The small flowering fruit tree is so close to the elm, their roots must intertwine. All are in different stages of growth. Their bark, leaf shape, fruit, and root systems are diverse. Yet there they stand, together, offering me their beauty, a protected nest site for the birds, a jungle gym for the squirrels.


How good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity, accepting one another in love, using our talents and gifts as the Holy Spirit distributes them according to design and purpose.

The body functions best when all its parts are functioning as they should, strong and healthy.

Let nature take her course in our little woods. Let God have His way in each of us. He is the author of our lives, the One who perfects us and finishes what He started. He will complete the work just as He planned it.

Be who you were made to be, the irreplaceable creation of the Creator. The real you. Honoring the God who gives you life.

Let all the trees of the field will clap their hands.  And may we live to the praise of His glory.

Sunday grace.



Sunday grace

To God be the glory!

He has done great things.

He will continue to astound mankind.

He has given us great and precious promises.

He will fulfill each one in the fullness of His time.

The earth declares Him, in the smallest arthropod and the grandest nova.

We see Him in an infant’s smile and the aged’s wrinkled expression.

The heaven of heavens shout His existence, the thunder resounds His awesome power, the lightning flashes His majesty.

And these are but the outer fringe of his works; how faint the whisper we hear of him!  Who then can understand the thunder of his power?

To God be the glory!  Let us give Him praise!

Sunday grace.


Sunday grace

Spring break was glorious.  We visited our family-too-far-away with great joy in their presence, then experience that deep sadness when we said our good-byes.  Relationships are to be cherished.

I returned home to spring.  The greening of nature is a great delight.  All things are becoming new again.

On this day,  Sweet William and I will gather once again with church family to sing with hearts of worship.  We will give and receive hugs and welcome words.  We will open the Word and listen as pastor and teacher break the Bread of Life for us.

We can go through the motions or we can enter in.  Today I choose to enter in fully, freely, willingly.  Because I have been accepted fully.  I have been set free.  And it is God’s will to take me into His loving arms.

Sunday Grace, friends.  Enjoy this day you have been given.  Be thankful and bless His name.