Sweet William

Today is Sweet William’s birthday.


It’s one of those milestone birthdays, the ones where someone throws a party and invites lots of guests to celebrate life.

He chose to spend it quietly with me. I determined to treat him special and with as much kindness as I could. Nothing was going to deter me from that goal.

I cooked homemade biscuits with breakfast, a rare treat these days when we try to watch our carbs. We ate on the deck in the cool morning and watched Maisie play in her fenced yard.

We relaxed with some pre-recorded TV shows. He got to choose. I didn’t even ask for a Hallmark movie. I brought him coffee more than once.

For lunch I fixed one of his favorites, broiled salmon with green beans and salad greens.

In the meantime, I changed sheets and did several loads of laundry, never once asking him to fold or put away. This was his day, and I tried to allow him to do what he wanted, relax at home.

The day is almost done. There is a coconut-pecan pie in the oven, our evening birthday treat. I’ll light a candle and sing to him as we finish another birthday.

Expensive gifts are unnecessary at this point in our lives. We have most everything we need. Time is our greatest gift, and I gave it to him this day, his birthday.

Tomorrow the calendar date will turn and the birthday will be over. But there will still be the opportunity to show kindness and love to this man, the one I’ve celebrated birthdays with for over 40 years.

Tomorrow is another day. And each and every one is a reason to celebrate life. This is our life, and we can choose joy as we live it.

So let the celebration continue. Happy Birthday Sweet William.




What really matters

It’s been a busy week at the Wright House.

Doctor appointment, decisions to make, friends coming in and out the door, preparing piano students for recitals, the garden weeds mocking me . . . and then there’s Maisie. She is a wild toddler dog who needs to play and has more energy than Sweet William and I together. She does teach me that when she plays, she plays hard.  When it’s time for a nap, well, she just does it.

I’ve been working on something to enter in a writing contest. And that has taken my words this week. I’ve typed and deleted and done it over again. I thought hard about the content and wonder if it is leading anywhere. Will professionals think I write well or will they shake their heads when they read my entry?

And I contemplate if that is even important to me.

Attending a memorial service this morning, I spoke with a cousin I don’t remember meeting before today. We connected on Facebook a couple of years ago, but communication between us has been sparse.

She said something surprising. She said she reads those “Sunday inspirational words,” my Sunday Grace posts on Facebook. “Really?”

When days are full of schedules and activities and we meet ourselves coming and going, how do we decide what is important?  Is it simply being busy that makes us feel necessary and useful?  Is it other people’s approval?  Is it how many “likes” we get when we post a new picture, a declaration, or a trendy idea?

What matters in this life?

I’m asking myself that as I consider my commitments, the huge yard I care for, the desire to spend time with friends and family, and the words I say, whether they are face to face or blogged to the world wide web.

A long-time friend received hard news this week about her husband. They are setting their affairs in order because time is short for him.  And what matters most to this couple?

I doubt it is the stuff of their regular to-dos.

How do we spend life when today could be our last day to say words we’ve been waiting to speak? How do we schedule next week when we may not see the coming season on this earth? When do we give attention to what really matters?

I’m pondering it. Life is a short journey not matter how many years we have.

I want to enjoy the ride. I want to love the people in my life. I want to open my heart to the abundance God gives daily, to see Him in every moment as the Giver and the Sustainer of all things.

My busy week is not quite over yet. There are still decisions to make and more people will be coming and going in this house. There are things to do.

I will try to focus on the essentials, try to spend the day in joy and celebration, giving love and grace to each person in my path. And at day’s end I want to be thankful to the Creator of all life for breath for another day and declare that it was lived well.



This day

This is the day made by God.

I choose to look for joy because there are gifts everywhere.

I choose to lift my heart in worship to the One and Only who is deserving of it.

I choose to give grace and give the benefit of the doubt.

I choose to rest and appreciate Sabbath.

I choose to smile, touch a hand, and give a hug because it connects me to others.

I choose to enjoy peace in the knowledge that my Father has everything under His control.

This day is made by God.  I will rejoice!

Sunday grace, friends.